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This is what I've been prattling on about for months and it will soon be a reality 🙂The next release from Guardbridge Books will be A HORRID DEED: The Life and Death of Joe the Quilter, by Robert N. Smith. This is another title in our history line. Joe the Quilter was an old man in Northumberland at the turn of the 19th century, known for producing fine hand-stitched quilts. He was murdered in his modest cottage in 1826. The case attracted attention and notoriety for the brutality of the crime, but it was never solved...In this book, Dr. Smith uses records and stories from the case, as well as a host of other sources to reconstruct the lives (and deaths) of the poor craftspeople of Northern England at the time industrial revolution and the expansion of Empire. The changes to traditional economics brought new challenges to the anonymous folk struggling to survive. He then focuses on the murder of this one man, examining the evidence of the case and how the authorities failed to make an arrest. He concludes with his own determination of who must have been the culprit, solving this ages old mystery. Part true crime, part history, this book will intrigue you and reveal the struggles of the common people usually overlooked. "A blood spatter and mysterious prints in the snow . . . what happened to Joe the Quilter? For two centuries people have asked about the fate of this humble man from Northumberland. In Robert Smith's capable hands, readers will find themselves enthralled in a mystery for the ages while steeping themselves in a fascinating time and place too often forgotten."- James Wolfinger, Professor of History, Illinois State UniversityAvailable for PRE-ORDER, expected to ship in mid-July 2021. ... See MoreSee Less
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I have tutored hundreds of students, including many international students, in improving their writing skills. While History is my primary field of knowledge, I tutor writing across a broad range of Liberal Arts subjects; History, English, Politics, Classics etc. Moreover, I tutor at every level from GCSE to PhD. There is no magic formula to tutoring, therefore I assess individual needs and work together with my students to eliminate errors and build on their strengths to achieve their writing goals. Click below to find out more on how that will work for you.

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An Evil Day in Georgia is an impressive and thoroughly researched study

Paul T. Vogel

Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Neil gave realistic but friendly criticism and always tried to find solutions to my problems.


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The telling of this story … exposes the death penalty’s imperfections even as it calls into question the veracity of a woman’s confession, later recanted, that once brought her within a stones throw of the state’s electric chair.

John Bessler

Author, Cruel and Unusual: The American Death Penalty and the Founders’ Eighth Amendment

Neil was a truly calming figure during the hectic time that I was doing my undergraduate dissertation, always there in my time of need!


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