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University of Tennessee Press:

“An Evil Day in Georgia”: The Killing of Coleman Osborn and the Death Penalty in the Progressive Era South (May, 2015)

Osprey Publishing:

Jason and the Argonauts (March, 2013)

Robin Hood (January, 2014)

Master’s Thesis (University of Georgia, unpublished)

“Heavens How Their Shot and Shell did Rain”: Confederate Artillery at Second Manassas 28-30 August 1862

Darden School of Business Administration (Case Studies):

Filling a Hole: The Reinvestment Fund and Progress Plaza

Credit Where Credit is Due: The Latino Community Credit Union

Letting the Sun In: Redeveloping a Derelict Office Building in Chicago

The Dime That Started a Movement: The History and Development of Credit Unions

Journal of African American Studies (Book Review):

“Stagolee Shot Billy” (Vol. 7 Issue 3. Winter 2003)

Warlord Games

Caesar (Supplement to Hail Caesar rules, 2016)

The Devil’s Playground (Supplement to Pike & Shotte rules, 2015)

Germania (Supplement to Hail Caesar rules, 2014)

Blood on the Nile (Supplement to Black Powder rules, 2014)

Zulu! (Supplement to Black Powder rules, 2013)

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An Evil Day in Georgia book cover


Publisher: Univ Tennessee Press (1682)



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An Evil Day in Georgia is an impressive and thoroughly researched study

Paul T. Vogel

Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

The telling of this story … exposes the death penalty’s imperfections even as it calls into question the veracity of a woman’s confession, later recanted, that once brought her within a stones throw of the state’s electric chair.

John Bessler

Author, Cruel and Unusual: The American Death Penalty and the Founders’ Eighth Amendment