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Why You Need a Writing Tutor.
While I hold a Master’s Degree and PhD in US History and a Degree in Ancient and Mediaeval History, I tutor writing. I do this for a number of reasons.


Almost every time I meet with a student having problems with a class or course, weak or ineffective writing is the problem. Once we fix that, their grade increases. In addition, I do not teach content. I can discuss content, but if the student does not know what they need to know they will not succeed no matter how well they write. Moreover, I tutor writing because I enjoy it. I read about writing, think about writing, and practice writing, and I try to impart what I learn to those who need it. I am also good at it.

What is My Experience?

I have tutored hundreds of students in various capacities over the last eighteen years. I taught History as a graduate student at the University of Georgia, winning departmental and university-wide awards for my teaching. I became an Academic Advisor to student-athletes at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) then at the University of Texas at San Antonio and finally at the University of Virginia. I also ran the Tutoring programmes for student-athletes at UTSA and UVA. When I moved to England, I signed up to tutor for the Oxford International Study Centre and Carfax Tutorial Establishment (now Carfax College). It follows that I have considerable tutoring experience working with international students of all ages. I now tutor independently in Scotland and on-line, and I am registered with various Tutoring websites. I have worked with local GCSE, A-Level, and University students, and on-line with students from all over England and Europe.

How Does Tutoring Work?

You contact me and outline the problem. You might be failing a class, or struggling with an assignment, or not understanding your feedback on submitted work. Whatever the case, our initial discussion will not cost you anything. If we agree that I might be able to help then I will carry out an assessment of your work and establish a plan for improvement. Once that is agreed, we then roll up our sleeves and get down to work!

How Much Will this Cost?

My Tutoring rate is currently £50/hour for all work done jointly through personal meetings or by Skype. If I read and comment on a piece of your work without discussion – e.g. you send me a paper, I comment on it, and send it back – I charge £25/hour, and if I need more than 2 hours to finish that task, we come to an agreement on how long that will take and the total cost.

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If you need someone to help with your writing, you have come to the write place.


Neil was a truly calming figure during the hectic time that I was doing my undergraduate dissertation, always there in my time of need!


One to One Tuition

Neil gave realistic but friendly criticism and always tried to find solutions to my problems.


One to One Tuition