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Everyone can write, right? String some words together to form a sentence that says what you want it to then move on to the next sentence. Easy. So why does it go wrong so often? Why are there so many examples of bad writing?.


The simple answer is that putting words on paper is itself only one part of the writing process. Writing requires creative thought, effective word selection, editing, proofreading, and above all, practice. It is in short a craft, and an important one.

What makes writing important is that it always serves a purpose. That is true if you are scribbling a shopping list or creating the next great novel, if you are producing copy for advertising a widget, or trying to pass an exam. Indeed, the more important your purpose in writing, the more reason you have to hire a professional writer. While shopping lists are not in my purview, twenty years of experience in writing and teaching hundreds of students to write better makes me an ideal candidate to assist you with your writing needs. I hold a PhD in History with my dissertation resulting in a book that has been nominated for three awards. I have written other books, articles, reviews, and business case studies, including one for the Chinese government. I have also created commercial copy for businesses in the United Kingdom. And I write every day for a purpose. Whatever your writing requirement might be, I have probably encountered it before, and I can help you reach your goals.

How the process works is that you contact me with an outline of your problem or idea. We then discuss possible outcomes and agree on work schedules, check-in arrangements, compensation, and deadlines. We can meet in person or by skype or email, and all work undertaken by me has to be approved beforehand by you.

My book An Evil Day in Georgia has been nominated for the 2016 Scribes Book Award. Some big names in the field have won this award in the past and it is an honour just to be nominated. Scribes is the American Society of Legal Writers. Visit the website here.

An Evil Day in Georgia has also been reviewed by Midwest Book Review, reviewer Paul T. Vogel. You can read the review.

An Evil Day in Georgia book cover


Publisher: Univ Tennessee Press (1682)



Read a sample extract.

You can read extracts of my work for Osprey Publishing here.

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Jason and the Argonauts

If you need someone to help with your writing, you have come to the write place.


An Evil Day in Georgia is an impressive and thoroughly researched study

Paul T. Vogel

Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

The telling of this story … exposes the death penalty’s imperfections even as it calls into question the veracity of a woman’s confession, later recanted, that once brought her within a stones throw of the state’s electric chair.

John Bessler

Author, Cruel and Unusual: The American Death Penalty and the Founders’ Eighth Amendment