It is easy to lose track of a blog, or any piece of writing for that matter. In the last two weeks, I have enjoyed a trip to Surrey and to a much lesser extent another knee surgery. The blog slipped away, perhaps as might be expected. Climbing back into the routine of writing, though, is never quite as easy as you think it should be; inertia bends towards the least activity, and there is the added hurdle of reaching too high on your grand comeback. So you find yourself floundering for the right idea to get the writing motor running, something useful or even profound. The answer, of course, is that if you want to write, write! If you are writing for a purpose, a school paper maybe, you can fix your errors when you edit, but you need to start by getting your thoughts on to the screen or paper. If you are writing for a blog, or just to flex the fingers across the keyboard, well you end up with …this!