Waldemar Goralski, USS Stevens (Kagero, 2020)
The United States of America built 175 Fletcher Class destroyers, some of which were notable for their aircraft carrying capability. One of those was the USS Stevens, commissioned in February 1943, though the airplane function was removed that December. She is the subject of this illustration heavy book by Waldemar Goralski. The USS Stevens served as an Atlantic convoy escort and in the Pacific as a carrier and convoy escort. She also helped with shore bombardment, fire support, and air defence as the American net closed in on Japan. She was decommissioned in July 1946 but stayed in reserve until 1972. The rest of this oddly satisfying book is made up of beautifully rendered colour graphic illustrations of the visible structure of the USS Stevens. A series of monochrome scale drawings is included as a fold-out supplement. I can’t imagine a casual reader picking this book up, but certainly a modelmaker or WWII US Navy enthusiast will enjoy poring over the artwork.